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My Happy Questions

by Alison on November 10, 2009

I need to preface this by saying I’m a self-improvement junkie.  I constantly look for ways to better myself or my life.  “What’s not working?” I ask.  “What could be better?” I ponder.  These are the questions that have pervaded my life since high school.  They’ve helped me to find broken places and they’ve taught me to look for ways to mend them.  They’re solid questions, but recently I realized they were becoming a problem.

I noticed that my perpetual hunt for errors and ineffectiveness began wearing me out.  A head full of my own mistakes and places where I fell short did not a happy camper make.  I harped on mess-ups.  I begrudged my own slow progress.  I felt overwhelmed with all that I wanted to improve.

So I tried changing my tune.  It started with a list titled ’10 Things That I Did A Good Job On Today’.  (Cheesy- I know!)  At the end of each workday I’d list out things I felt proud to have accomplished during my day.  These were not momentous events.  Looking back through the past few weeks I see things like:

-Getting Up and Going to Work
-Packing My Lunch
-Going For a Run
-Listening Carefully to Boyfriend
-Giving Good Feedback

In short I started acknowledging the things that were going right in my life.  And you know what?  It helped.  I noticed an upswing in my mood.  I felt good each evening spending a few minutes patting myself on the back.

If you need a boost I invite you to try out my happy questions listed below.  Give yourself some credit for all that you’re already doing right.  Enjoy!

1) What are 10 things I did a good job on today?
2) What’s going really well?
3) What did I learn today?
4) Where did I challenge myself?
5) What can I compliment myself on?
6) What would be great to do tonight?

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